Never Forget To Laugh

For the first time, an intimate portrait of the life and spiritual path of Bill Thetford, a brilliant and accomplished psychologist and co-scribe of A Course In Miracles. As one of he world’s foremost authorities on how the ego develops, Bill then provided a way—through ACIM—to release that ego, for himself and everyone. His life was transformed into a joyous one and his journey provides a proven, timeless guide for anyone who wishes to replace pain and grievances with grace and peace of mind.

Never Forget To Laugh Book Cover

Foreword by
Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.
and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D.

Many of you will pick up this book because you know Bill Thetford by reputation or as a co-scribe of A Course In Miracles. Others may find it simply because you are meant to do so.  Because of her close personal relationship with Bill during his years in California, and her clear and eloquent voice, we know of no better person to offer insight into Bill’s life than our good friend Carol Howe...[more]


The profound effect the Course has already had in its first four decades is incalculable, starting with those who birthed it.  It has entered into manifestation not just because Helen and Bill wanted to find a better way, but through  willingness and desire on the part of human consciousness to come of age. It manifested in accordance with the deepest urgings of our common mind...[more]


In a few short years all who knew Bill Thetford personally will have exited the world stage. It would be unconscionable for this first generation of A Course In Miracles students, those who were Bill's friends, to leave without recording our collective witnessing of his transformation.¹ Humanity expends much time and treasure seeking any scrap of information about the teachers, philosophers, and avatars who have gone before, lighting the path for us throughout...[more]

In the past I have steered away from biographies . . . (considering them to be very dramatic/sensationalist), but NFTL proved all that wrong!  It was such a joy to read of "flexi-Bill's life. I even felt like I was in California!  And I cried for joy at his "moving on" and his state of Atonement. What a wonder-filled book. I will highly recommend it to others. . .